Thursday, April 02, 2015

Notes from the Cave

I'm happy to report that the reason for my dearth of blog posts is not due to total uselessness on my part, but because I've been spending the last three or four months working on a novel. 

It's not a new novel, but is one that I wrote about ten years ago.  In preparation for a writer's conference that I attended in February, I decided to do a major update and reworking of the novel. This involved things as simple as changing my characters' cell phones from circa-2004 flip phones to modern smart phones, and things as complex as adding entirely new characters and rewriting whole chapters and sections.  

I've finally finished the rewrite, and now have only the final read-through/edit to complete.  That shouldn't take me long.  

I've already submitted the book to two agents who I met at the writer's conference, and I plan to submit it to numerous others once the final edit is complete.  If I am not able to get any attention from agents, I will self-publish it on Amazon, making it available in both print and e-book format.  

So one way or another, faithful reader, you will be able to buy this novel. Hopefully you won't think it sucks. 

I'm on vacation this week.  It's the girls' spring break, so I took the week off too.  We went to the lake for a few days and came back on Tuesday.  The boat's not in the water yet and the hot tub at the house is broken, so there wasn't a whole lot to do down there; however, we went primarily just to get away.  The weather was nice, at least, and I was able to walk every day, although I ate and drank like a total glutton.  I watched Kentucky's heart-attack-inducing Elite Eight win over Notre Dame down there.  I think I lost a few Twitter followers after the game, thanks to my profanity-laced tirades.  

If the Final Four game this weekend against Wisconsin is that bad, I'll probably have to turn it off.  I seriously think it's probably not good for my heart.  :| 

Anyway, how about them CATS?!?!?  

I actually bought my first ever UK apparel last week.  As much as I love Kentucky basketball, I've never been one to buy sports apparel.  I've had some baseball-related stuff bought for me in the past, and I do have a Reds cap and  UK toboggan, but I've never really been into advertising my favorite sports team on my body.  

But last week I caved and spent thirty dollars on a UK shirt, which I then wore all day Friday at work at my Cincinnati hospital. I walked into one patient's room and he groaned and said, "Aw, you are not gonna wear that shirt into this room!"  Clearly a sad, pathetic UC fan.  :)  After I got done taking his X-ray, I dunked on his ass.  

I felt like there was more for me to say, but I have the feeling it was probably mostly political opinions, and you don't really want to read those anyway.  

Peace out.