Widow's Walk

From Amazon.com:

A haunting story with a wartime setting in the 1940s, "Widow's Walk" tells the tale of Mary Andrews, a bright, but solitary girl who finds herself detached from her classmates at the Helen Rogers Bromley School For Young Women.

Mary's lover, James Kirby, is a military aviator flying in battle in the skies over North Africa. While her classmates gossip and pass along ghost stories about their school building, the bookish Mary pines for her pilot and fears for his safety.

After a terrifying experience walking in the serene beauty of a local cemetery, Mary returns to find a family member waiting for her, bearing news of James. Has he been discharged? Is he returning home to her? Or is the news much more sinister?

Written with Christmas's characteristic attention to detail, subtle prose, and vivid description, "Widow's Walk" is a moving story that will stay with you long after you've read the last page.

Widow's Walk is a short novella set in a girls' school during World War II.  It is short enough to read in one sitting.

The book is available for the Kindle at Amazon.com. You can buy it here. It will set you back only 99 cents. If you don't own a Kindle, you can always download a free Kindle App for your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Do that here.

Widow's Walk is included as part of my short story collection, Serendipity...And Other Stories, also available from Amazon.com. Buy it here.


rosie said...

Dear Mr.Christmas,Your tale"Widow's Walk,"so vivid,it at times left me breathless.It is filled with wonder,the era of"The Andrew Sisters"their song,"Don't sit under the apple tree."My Dad dedicated it to my very pretty Mom!!! A wonderful story,touching,bittersweet,a great read,With gratitude,Rosie

Scott said...

Thank you so much, Rosie! I'm pleased that you enjoyed the story. Thanks for your kind words.