About Me

I'm a published writer and historian, musician and avid reader. I'm lucky enough to be married to a woman who fulfills me in every conceivable way and to be the father of two beautiful, talented, and endlessly entertaining daughters. I'm a really good piano player and a pretty good guitar player and a decent singer and an okay drummer and a bad recorder player.

In addition to writing about music, history, religion, current events, and a slew of other topics on this blog, I also publish works of fiction and non-fiction through Amazon (links below).

Walkabout: A Thriller

Washington's Nightmare: A Brief History of American Political Parties

Tragedy in the Sierra Nevada: A Narrative of the Donner Party

Serendipity...And Other Stories

Christianity is a Verb

The Story of Tutankhamun

Widow's Walk (short story)

The Virgin Birth: Miracle or Legend?

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, I now live near Cincinnati, Ohio, with my family.

You can follow me on Twitter @BScottChristmas.

You can also visit my Author Page at Amazon.com.