About Me

I am a published writer and historian, musician and avid reader.  I work professionally as a radiographer at a large urban hospital, but history, literature, and religion are my intellectual passions.
I have a degree in European History and am particularly interested in the history of Judaism and Christianity, the Middle Ages, and Ancient History.  For me, there is a direct correlation between how long ago something in history occurred, and how interested I am in it.  The older, the better.

In addition to writing about religion, history, politics, and a slew of other topics on this blog, I am also a writer of long and short fiction, and an occasional poet.  I am the author of nine books and short stories available from Amazon.com:

Washington's Nightmare: A Brief History of American Political Parties

Serendipity...And Other Stories

Christianity is a Verb

Tragedy in the Sierra Nevada: A Narrative of the Donner Party

The Story of Tutankhamun

Widow's Walk (short story)

Serendipity (short story) 

Dear Author: A Collection of Poetry

The Virgin Birth: Miracle or Legend?

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, I now live near Cincinnati, Ohio, and have a wife and two daughters.

You can follow me on Twitter @BScottChristmas.

You can also visit my Author Page at Amazon.com.

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