Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Daily Update

Weight: 228

Currently Reading (fiction): Night of the Fox, Jack Higgins. This is a WWII thriller, and like all Higgins’ WWII novels, it’s really good.

Currently Reading (non-fiction): Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, Elaine Pagels. Melanie has a teacher friend whose son died of a rare disease called Pulmonary Hypertension. I had never heard of it, but Melanie goes to a fundraiser every year that this teacher sponsors to raise money for PH research. Anyway, in the first chapter of this book, Pagels describes how her own son died at age 6 from this disease, and how that experience affected her spiritual life.

Currently Listening To: Mystic Rhythms, Rush.

Rush Lyrics of the Day: All the same, we take our chances. Laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances.

Food Update: I’m working today on my 5th straight day without any meat at all. The last meat I ate was last Friday evening (at which time I had a piece of grilled chicken, a fat-free hotdog, and a burger). Today I’ve had green tea and oatmeal w/ flaxseed.

HEC Bowel Movement Update: I’m sure you’re just dying to read this entry. Hailey had one of her “shit fits” the other day, where she hasn’t gone in a week and she finally has to go, but she’s afraid it’s going to hurt, so she tries to hold it. This went on for about a day. Finally, at about 7:30, she got it out. I’ll spare you the gory details, but let me just say that it honestly looked like something that would come out of bear or a horse. It was twice the size of anything that’s ever come out of my rear-end in 31 years. I wanted to take a picture, but Melanie wouldn’t let me.

Wine Update: Melanie and I spent 50 bucks at Liquor Barn this weekend buying 5 bottles of wine. We have a wine rack that we wanted to put out, so we had to get some wine to decorate it with. We got two Reislings, 2 Pinot Grigios, and 1 White Zin. I also got some non-alcholic beer, which is very, very good, and tastes just as good as regular beer.

Today in History, July 26:

1471 – Death of Pope Paul II, who was rumored to have been gay.

1788 – New York becomes the 11th state of the United States.

1863 – Morgan’s Raid ends when General John Hunt Morgan and 360 of his men are captured by the Union. He and his soldiers had penetrated farther north than any other Confederate regiment. Morgan was a Lexington native, whose grandfather was a founder of Lexington. Morgan was shot and killed in 1864 during an escape attempt, and is buried in the Lexington Cemetery (during my forays there, I have yet to find his grave).

1863 – Death of Sam Houston, whose last words were “Texas, Texas, Margaret.”

1941 – In response to Japan’s occupation of French Indo-China, Roosevelt freezes all Japanese assets in the U.S. This is one of the early steps leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

1991 – PeeWee Herman is arrested for exposing himself in an adult theater in Florida.

1921 – Birth of Jean Shepherd, writer of A Christmas Story.

1943 – Birth of Mick Jagger.


deine schwester :) said...

Isn't there something the doctor can do for this? I mean, this does not sound AT ALL healthy. Can't they put her on something that makes her go?

Scott said...

She has medicine, we just don't always give it to her. I guess we're terrible parents.

deine schwester :) said...

I doubt that, but why do you not always give it to her if this is the result?

Scott said...

It's powder you have to mix into her drink, and she doesn't like to drink it, and if we give it to her all the time, she has constant diahrea.

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