Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daily Update

Weight: 225

Currently Reading (fiction): The Templar Legacy, Steve Berry.

Currently Reading (non-fiction): Walking the Bible, Bruce Feiler.

Currently Listening To: The Long Black Veil, Johnny Cash.

Rush Lyric of the Day: Truth is, after all, so poorly lit.

Hailey Update: Hailey is grounded today from TV again for throwing a fit last night and refusing to go to sleep. She was up until about 11:30. This is the 5th day in the last 8 that she has been grounded from TV. She’s also grounded tomorrow, but I have told her that I’ll reduce that if she behaves well today and goes to bed on time tonight. In addition to refusing to go to bed, she also shit in her pants about 5 times.

Sydney Update: Sydney is perfect.

School Update: Class on Tuesday was Medical Law and Ethics and it will be a bit more challenging than some of my other classes. There is also a project which we have to give a 10-minute presentation on. Wednesday’s class was Medical Terminology and it is basically just a lot of memorization of medical suffixes, prefixes, and root words, and learning how to put them together and recognize what terms mean by understanding their different parts. For instance, “anesthesiologist” literally means “one who specializes in no feeling or sensation.” This class is probably rather tedious and boring to most, but because of my love of words, I actually found it to be interesting, although it is a lot of information to ingest in a short time. I also was able to discover that the frequent eyelid twitches that I get (particularly when I’m stressed) are medically called “blepharospasms.” Literally, a spasm or twitch of the eyelid. So if you ever hear me say, “Oh God, I’m having a blepharospasm!” don’t freak out. It’s just a twitchy eyelid. Tonight’s class is the one that is supposedly the toughest in the program, Anatomy and Physiology, Level I.

Taking classes 4 nights a week, after working all day, is really hard. 14 hour days. I’ve been oversleeping every morning on accident, I guess because I’m just so worn out. It’ll be nice having Friday, Saturday, and Sunday free from school, but of course I’ll have to use those days to study and work on my projects, etc.

I was surprised, last night, to find that several people in the class clearly weren’t totally clear on what the terms “prefix” and “suffix” mean. How do you get through high school English classes without knowing those terms?

Today in History, September 28:

551 BCE – Confucius is born

58 BCE – Birth of Livia Drusilla, wife of Caesar Augustus.

48 BCE – Pompey is assassinated in Egypt on the orders of Pharaoh Ptolemy, after fleeing there from a military defeat by Julius Caesar.

235 – Death of Pope Pontianus, one of the earliest Christian popes of which anything is known.

935 – Wenceslaus I (aka “Good King Wenceslaus) is assassinated by his brother, hacked to death on the doorstep of a church.

1066 – William the Conqueror invades England, beginning the Norman Conquest.

1571 – Birth of Michelangelo.

1891 – Death of Herman Melville, who died of boredom while trying to read Moby Dick.

1946 – Birth of Jeffery Jones, aka Edward R. Rooney, Dean of Students.

1978 – Death of Pope John Paul I, after only 33 days as pope. Guess God messed up on that call.


deine schwester :) said...

I'm very impressed with you doing the school and work thing. I didn't realize you'd be going to school every night. I couldn't do it. I am really glad for you.

I think me and Hailey need to have a talk about Grandmother's Philosophy on Child Rearing.

So THAT'S how it is in their family.

Scott said...

Well, I didn't exactly know I'd be going every night for 4 hours either. But, there it is.

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