Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sound of Silence

Sorry for having so many sounds of silence on my blog for the last month or so.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, my last post, from mid-April, is the only one I've made since mid-March.

Well, I've got a good excuse, anyway.  In mid-March, I started a new job, and now I'm having to, you know, work for a living and stuff, so I haven't had the time to blog like I did in the early part of the year when blogging was my only full time job.

Once I get a bit more accustomed to the new job and the new schedule (which is not a set schedule), I hope to get back to doing some more writing.  But for now, you're just going to have to suffer through the sound of silence.

I would like to make one quick observation, based on my first two months in real hospital work: there are a lot more morbidly obese people in America than what most people realize, and all of them are in the hospital.

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