Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday, Monday

Everyone knows Mondays suck, and it's universally accepted (at least, among working stiffs) that Monday is the worst day of the week. I discovered, when I was happily unemployed for six months, that Mondays can actually be the best day of the week. When I wasn't working, there was nothing I liked better than rising early on Monday morning (particularly on Monday mornings like this one, where the sun is shining bright in a clear, June sky), getting showered, and then getting outside to water the garden, or retreating to the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. I think knowing that everyone else was enduring another miserable Monday was a large part of why I enjoyed Monday mornings so much. For a short few months, anyway, I was able to live like a rich person or a retired person, at least in terms of my daily routines. Would have been nice to have a yacht and an indoor pool to go with it, though.

In addition to more poems, I'm planning on doing a serialized short story on this site. I've already got a story started that I think will be a good one to serialize, so expect to see it posted in the near future. Once I get the first offering up, I'll probably post a new section about once a week.


Anonymous said...

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