Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dreams of Drinking

I dreamed last night that I was drinking. I've read before about drug users who are going through rehab who will have dreams where they are using drugs and getting high, etc. However, I've never had such a dream relating to drinking alcohol when I've been going through a "sober" period, as I am right now. But last night, I dreamed me and some other people were at a mall and they were giving away free beer at the mall. It didn't even cross my mind that I shouldn't be taking advantage of such an offer.

So I was drinking beer, and when I ordered a round for everyone I was with, the lady serving me wanted to charge me $28 for four beers. I informed her that I was taking advantage of the free beer offer, and she seemed put out by that, and told me she was going to have to fill out some paperwork. So while she headed to the back to grab the paperwork, me and the people I was with just left. Dad among the group I was with, but he didn't want his beer, so I took it.

Later, I was sitting in a restaurant booth, talking to a really ugly girl whose face must have been made up in my dream because I don't know who she is. I was sipping my beer while she talked about how offended she was that some woman had asked her if she was on her period.

After that, I was back in the mall, and everyone was crowding around all the computer stores, hoping to buy the new Playstation III. It suddenly dawned on me that I had been drinking beer, and I couldn't believe that I had just so easily thrown aside my sobriety. But, I figured what was done was done, so I kept drinking.

Then I woke up.

One might think that this dream would make me want to drink. But it seems to have had the opposite effect. I remember how I felt in the dream when I realized that I had been drinking, and I definitely don't want to feel that way in real life.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know that it didn't inspire you.