Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Notes from the Cave

After being scheduled off 6 days out of 9, I'm now in the middle of 7 days straight at work, with only one day down so far.  This is one of the downsides to hospital work - a rotating schedule.  The string of off days are great, but you pay for it in spades.

I think I've managed to avert a sinus infection by starting up a regimen of Zyrtec, allergy nose spray, and Breathe Right strips.  The nose spray and the Breathe Right are both new things for me, although the nose spray was actually prescribed last summer (no, the bottle is not expired yet).

I had a definite sinus infection coming on earlier this week, and the meds have basically stopped it in its tracks.  That's a good thing, considering my 7-days-in-a-row at work.  The thing that has been amazing are those Breathe Right strips.  I never actually knew how they worked.  Turns out, they are just like really stiff band-aids with an exceptionally sticky adhesive.  You stick them across the bridge of your nose, and the strip pulls the exterior of your nose outwards, which in turns widens your airway.  You feel sort of like your nose is a balloon full of air - but that's a good thing for someone like me who hasn't breathed clearly through my nose in, I dunno, about 10 years.  The widened airway not only helps you to breathe in more air, but it also clears congestion, because it allows your nasal passages to drain better (at least, I'm assuming that's how it works).  So not only do you suddenly feel like you could vacuum with your nose, but the congestion also goes away.  I've only used them two nights so far, but already I'm addicted.  I've literally been looking forward to bed time all day so I could put another one on.

Yes, this is the sort of shit that happens when you get old.  You start looking forward to applying Breathe Right strips to your nose.  Next thing you know, it'll be excitement over your daily glass of Ensure.  And before long, anticipation of Wheel of Fortune and the nurse coming in to change your diaper.

My sister, Lisa LeBon, is all a-tingle because a movie is being filmed at the university where she works.  Her husband, Simon LeBon, is out on tour right now with his band, Duran Duran, and she is biding her time by stalking Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.  Come to find out, Ryan Gosling and John Gosselin are not the same people, although I've always equated them together up until today.  You probably know Ryan Gosling from his guest appearance on Canada's Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, during season four's "Dragons' Lair" episode.

There was an article today on USATODAY.com about how scientists have recently pointed out that the big snowstorms in the northeast this year are consistent with the model of global warming.  As soon as I saw the headline, I knew the Comments section would make for some entertaining reading.  Here are a few tidbits:

From 411PatriotScience used to be a widely respected field...... until the global warming lies were uncovered. It has made the entire scientific community hard to trust anymore..... nice job @ss wipes.

From libsrcrazyThese so-called scientists will blame every weather change on their global warming hoax!!! Give it up already! The jig is up.

From RockmanForteLaugh while you can according to the bible. This world is going to get worse. Be warn just like in Noah's time. Stop laughing and starting study the bible (No, I dont mean go to church and listen to liars priests and nuns at all). WOKE UP!

From 6burghUnfortunately moonbat libs will believe it or actually dont believe it but think its cool to believe cause so hollyweird kook will say they believe in it. if that make sense.

There was at least one perceptive comment, from a person named soul68I love all the inane comments from people on this board who probably couldn't pass a basic high school science class.


This is my grandfather, Oscar Kirby.  He died when I was 13.  The name of the horse escapes me (although I'm sure Lisa LeBon will remember it), but the picture was taken on the gravel entrance to his farm - probably circa 1982 or so - in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, where both sides of my family have connections going back over 200 years.  His grandfather on his father's side was a Civil War veteran of the Confederacy, while his great-grandfather on his mother's side was a Civil War veteran of the Union.

You have NO IDEA how much I wish I could jump into this picture.    


Scott said...

Joker. The horse's name was Joker. I just remembered.

Trent N. said...

I'm about your age and used to use the strips on my nose as well when I slept. Then my wife talked me in to getting an outpatient deviated septum surgery and I can't even tell you how much it helped. If you really struggle with narrow air passage like I used to, I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know that Ryan Gosling is an Oscar nominated actor who has done some brilliant independent film work. I spit on you for even putting him in the same sentence with that ass clown.

Joker was not the only horse, but I do think that this particular horse was Joker. I wish I could remember the names of the other horses. There was also a mare, and I should know her name, but I'll be damned if it is evenly vaguely coming to me.

Do you think 6burgh was talking to me when he/she referred to "moonbat libs"? If the moon phase fits!

Scott said...

Trent: Seeing an ENT is at the top of my to-do list. I've also got chronically enlarged tonsils from years of infections. Should have had them out decades ago, but never did.

Lisa Lebon: There was a white horse named Rocky. Or maybe Rocky was a mule. In any case, if you look at the full picture, Rocky is actually grazing in the background of the photo I uploaded. He's to the right of the telephone pole in the background, beside the barn.

Also, I'm about 99% certain that Grandaddy is wearing either blue or gray Adidas in this picture.

Anonymous said...

This post is full of revelations:
1) I've been thinking abt those breathe-right strips but were afraid they were created by wives so that they could get up in the middle of the night, point, and make fun of their husbands.

2) Your sister is the eighth with the Ragged Tiger? Who knew!

3) Ryan Gosling was in Kung Fu? Oddly I thought him the Notebook guy, one of those chick-flicks for some reason, I actually will watch again.

4) Your new gig and my current one seem to have the same schedule, and sometimes coincide in the same locale.

5) I thought my house was fine as it was, but now need to try and convince the wife and cats to let me turn the "guest" bedroom into a mancave -- like my guest can't use the sleeping bags in the closet ... geez.

Anonymous said...

He is The Notebook guy, Rev. You got that one right. :) BUT that's one of the few completely mainstream films he has done. He usually goes for heavier stuff.

Though just between you and me, he MIGHT have started out as a tot on The Mickey Mouse club. ;)

Scott said...

1) The only movie of Ryan Gosling's that I have seen (and I wouldn't have known it was him if I hadn't looked it up) is Remember the Titans where he plays one of the high school football players, when he was still a teenager.

2) I need to be in a commercial for Breathe Right strips. I use them every single night now.

3) Lisa LeBon was utterly and completely obsessed with Duran Duran from about 1983 to about 1986. She would write her name "Lisa LeBon" on her papers at school.

Anonymous said...

"Please, please tell me now, is there something I should know....."

And now they are all old, which makes me..........

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