Monday, June 11, 2012

Notes from the Cave

My poetry collection is free right now at Amazon, if you have a Kindle reader.  It will be free today and tomorrow (that's June 11 and 12).  There are, I believe, 52 poems in the collection, most of which were written between 2004 and 2006.

My short story Widow's Walk is also free today and tomorrow.

I've noticed recently that my blog hits are in a slow decline, and that is obviously due to my basic lack of blogging in the last few months.  I only had about 1,200 hits last week, which is the lowest its been in a long, long time.  I gotta get writing again, and I gotta do more than just these stupid updates.

Work has been not fun.  The new software implementation is in full swing, and I think most people are comfortable using it now, but it has had everyone's nerves on edge and has generally made everyone extra stressed out.  (Hint: "everyone" probably just means "Scott.")

I've also had a lot going on with my second job as a language and writing instructor with a company that serves the Japanese market.  It's been too much really.  I am absolutely certain that I don't handle stress and workloads as well as others, but I can only hold myself to my own standards, and by my standards, I have been busy to the point of generally wanting to run away.

I went with my wife and kids this weekend to Target to buy fat clothes.  I have been wearing shirts and shorts and pants for months now that are way too tight, telling myself all along that I will lose weight and fit into them again.  But I have finally given in and bought new clothes.  I haven't exactly replaced my wardrobe or anything, but if I DO manage to lose weight in the next few months/years/decades/eons, I am going to have a bunch of shirts and shorts that are too big.

My car is in the shop now getting (thankfully) only 250 dollars worth of work.  I went out to start it yesterday and the engine sounded very funny...sort of rattling and shaking.  I drove up the street and it didn't really get better, and the check engine light came on.  So off to the car shop we went, and of course by the time we got there, the car seemed normal, and they weren't able to reproduce the problem.  They think it is related to spark plugs and gaskets and other car shit that I don't really understand, so they are going to tune it up for me.  Hopefully it won't break down and strand me in the ghetto where I work - or on the Interstate in East Bufu later this summer when we drive it to Georgia.

East Boofoo?  No, I think I prefer Bufu.  Although that sort of looks Egyptian or Babylonian or something.

Okay, fine, I'll use an old euphemism that a co-worker of mine used to use all the time:

"Or on the Interstate in East Jesus, Nebraska, later this summer when we drive it to Georgia."

Hmm, that doesn't really work either, for geographically obvious reasons.

Well anyway.  A friendly word of advice to Twitter users: don't follow Obama or Romney on Twitter.  They are TOTAL spammers.  Sheesh.  STFU a'ready.  All I know is this: Romney wants to fire teachers, police officers, and firefighters, and Obama hates Hispanics.


Anonymous said...

The reason it looks Egyptian to you is that the original saying is East Buttfuck Egypt. At least that's how I always heard it.

Your fat clothes will be around for when you do lose the weight and then inevitably gain it back again. There's no hope for most of us in that department. I really believe you are either naturally thin and stay thin all your life, or you are like us. You may conquer it for a while, but it requires too much discipline for any sane person to see through years and years and low times as well as highs.

Don't say ghetto.

Scott said...

Ghetto? What?

BC said...

"Hopefully it won't break down and strand me in the ghetto where I work..."

Any Question?

Scott said...

Oh. Is that inappropriate or something? I mean, I realize the word goes back to the areas where Jews were forced to live in the 1930's, but it's not like the word still references that. It just means a low income neighborhood, right?

BC said...

No, no, no, no NO, Bradshaw. We're talking past each other. You wrote "Ghetto? What?" I'm simply pointing out that you said that in your original post. So I don't know why you were asking about it.

Scott said...

Elissa's original comment said "Don't say ghetto." Last sentence of her comment.

BC said...

OH! Nevermind......

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