Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Song: Time Traveler/Lullaby

I've recently put the finishing touches on my 8th song.  It's called Time Traveler/Lullaby, and it's definitely my most ambitious creation to date.  I spent quite a bit more time putting this one together than any of the previous ones.  It's nearly 8 minutes long.

As the name implies, it's sort of two songs in one.  This song started its life as a classical guitar solo I wrote for my daughters as a lullaby six or seven years ago.  I hadn't played the song in years until I started re-learning it recently, and I decided the chord progression would make for a good hard rock song.  So I turned it into that and added lyrics.  However, I have retained the spirit of the original by throwing in a classical guitar reprise at the end of the song.

As with several of my previous songs, I have used a MIDI controller to record the drums and bass on this one.

The lyrics reflect a bit of my own journey in learning how to cope with depression and anxiety.

This is a link to the song on my Tumblr page: Time Traveler/Lullaby  Just click where it says "Listen."

These are the lyrics:

He came up to me
A time traveler
I told him he seemed
Quite familiar to me
What do you see
When you look deep inside
A lonely frightened child who
Hides unsatisfied

You can’t
Change what’s passed
Only what’s to come
Repaint your heart
Smooth the ragged parts
And find your redemption

Would you like to be
A time traveler
Would you like to see
What the future holds
Look to the past
When you feel afraid
Learn from mistakes you've made
On the way


I turned out to be
A time traveler
Always stuck in the past
And the future
But I learned to be still
In the present hour
I learned to embrace my life
In the now


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