Saturday, November 30, 2013

Notes from the Cave: Thanksgiving Edition

I'm in the middle of a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, which I think is probably the first time I've had that since 2009.  I like it.  I highly recommend it.

Not to beat a dead horse, but I KNOW a bunch of you are buying stuff from Amazon this year, and when you do, please remember to access the Amazon website through the ads on this here blog.  You don't have to buy what's being advertised.  Just click the ad, it takes you to an Amazon page, then you can surf, search, and buy whatever you want.  And I get a commission as long as you don't click away from Amazon before you purchase something.  I'm an X-ray tech and my wife is a teacher.  So help a brother out.

We had a typical family Thanksgiving at my wife's aunt's house in Cincinnati.  To understand what this tradition is like, imagine 25 people, two-thirds of whom are children, stuffed into four connecting rooms within a relatively small house, with four different tables in three different rooms to hold everyone, and it's about 85 degrees and some kid somewhere is screaming every second for four solid hours and you can't decide if you want to die because you ate so much or because your life sucks.

If my Facebook and Twitter feeds are anything to go by, "Frozen" is the movie to see this Thanksgiving.  We saw it too yesterday in a sold out theater where we had to sit down on the floor level and crane our necks up for the whole movie.  Like any Disney movie, it was cute and had a nice message and I was glad when it was over.

After the movie we had Penn Station (that's only the second time I've allowed myself to have Penn Station since the Great Cardiac Apoplexy of March '13), and it was so enjoyable I napped for three hours afterward.  Last night we had a hot tub party with my wife's sister and her family.  There's nothing quite as invigorating as getting into a scalding hot spa when it's below freezing outside.  A 7-Up and Woodford Reserve helps too.

I've recently started a photography project on Tumblr and Twitter.  It's called Scenes from the Bluegrass, and it's basically just a way for me to showcase my landscape photography, which is a little private hobby I've been enjoying for about 7 years now.  So if you have a Twitter or a Tumblr, check it out.  Scenes of the Bluegrass Tumblr Page  Scenes of the Bluegrass on Twitter

We've had our Christmas stuff up since the middle of November.  This is the earliest we've ever put it up.  We've always been a strict "after Thanksgiving" family, but I had a 4-day weekend earlier this month (yes, I've had two of those this month) so it was a good time to do it, and frankly I'm glad it's done because now I don't have to do it today.

As you can see from that picture, I've been using Google's picture editor a lot lately as well.  It's kind of fun to poke around with.  I posted some "vintage" photos on Facebook a few weeks ago. These are photos I took, but I doctored them to make them look 19th century.  Here's one:

I like it.  It's fun.  You should try it.

Okay, that's all.

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