Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas at Sparrows Down

As promised in a recent post (I know you all have been waiting with bated breath), here are some pictures of the Christmas decorum at Sparrows Down.

This nativity scene has been in our family since I was a kid. I guess it's as old or older than I am. Hailey loves to play with it now, just like Elissa and I did when we were kids.

This is what we photographers call a "perspective" shot.

I'm pleased with how my nutcrackers have turned out this year. Last year I put them on top of the wall ledge that runs perpendicular to where the TV is sitting (you can see the ledge on the left side of the shot in the first nutcracker picture). I didn't like them as well there as I do on top of the TV. They are all standing on stacks of National Geographics. Melanie added the garland, which turned out nice, I thought.


deine schwester :) said...

I can't see the pictures. And I don't know which Nativity you have, but we did get a new one at some point when we were kids. If this is it, it isn't older than we are. But maybe you have the old, old one?

Scott said...

What'dya mean you can't see the pictures??

Scott said...

Either way, it's the only nativity scene that I ever remember us having. If we bought it when we were kids, it must have been when I was too young to remember.

deine schwester :) said...

I can see the pictures now, and you do have the old one. The first one I remember. I thought Mom bought a new one though? But I think I made that up. Either way, the one in the pictures is definitely one that might have been purchased before our prospective births. Or yours.

Anonymous said...

Have you got a figurine of a peasant having a poo in that nativity scene?

Scott said...

The only person shitting in my nativity scene is Baby Jesus. The sinful little bugger!

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