Monday, December 11, 2006

The Silver-Cloaked Dagger

Ah, the Christmas Bonus! Another silver-cloaked dagger of the capitalist mentality.

~ B.K.C.

I worked for nearly 7 years for a company that engaged in an annual Christmas bonus program.

Each year, we would wait for Christmas with trepidation, wondering if we would get Christmas bonuses this year, making tentative plans for what could be purchased with said bonus, and despairing over what would happen if the bonuses didn't come through.

I got $400 my first year, and $500 each of my second and third years. During the 4th year, I moved up to $600, and by years 5 and 6, I received $1000 each year.

On the eighth day of December, in year 7, I got fired. It was exactly one week before our annual Christmas party, where bonuses were traditionally handed out. By firing me before the Christmas party, they didn't have to give me my Christmas bonus that year. They did this despite knowing I had a 2-year old daughter and had purchased a new house not 3 weeks previously. Why should they care? Business considerations come before personal considerations, after all.

This year will be my first Christmas with my current company. I started on December 30th of last year, so I missed any Christmas-related activities that might have taken place. We have a planned Christmas party on December 21st. I do not know if my current company gives Christmas bonuses or not. I am inclined to think not, but you never know. More than likely, the partners get a bonus but the support staff doesn't. You know how it goes...those who make 6 figures get the bonus, while those who work for an hourly wage get nothing.

But maybe I'm wrong. I guess I'll have to wait and see if I get the silver-cloaked dagger, or if it's just the plain old ax.


deine schwester :) said...

Well let's hope for the dagger. That'll keep it quick and clean if no less deadly. The axe is more blunt force trauma.

By the way, it's really only fair that you make a dummy MySpace page and read my blog. I only have one Friend right now. You could lend me some support. :)

Scott said...

No, what would be fair would be for you to blog on Blogger, and not on MySpace, as if you're some 18-year old d-bag.

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