Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Monday

I have to give a presentation tonight in class on an emergency medical condition. It's a group probject, so I've got a partner who has been involved too. We're doing it on heart attacks. In preparing for this, I learned that Monday morning is one of the most common times for heart attacks to occur.

Happy Monday!

Anyway. We finished putting up the Christmas stuff this weekend. I've got my nutcrackers lined up atop the television this year. Not the television itself, but the big cabinet that houses the television. I'll take pictures and post them. I also organized the closet in my office, where we keep the Christmas stuff, so it was nice to get that cleaned out.

Hailey really likes the Christmas tree, and she has been playing with it constantly since we put it up last weekend. She's constantly taking the ornaments off and replacing them in other spots. I can remember, as a kid, doing similar things. The other day, I discovered one of Hailey's ponytail holders hanging from a branch. She had clearly placed it there as though it were an ornament.

Our Christmas tree is in bad shape. It's a Wal-Mart special, purchased the first year we lived in our first house. I guess that would have been 2000. The base has broken, and instead of 4 legs, it only has 2. So it's being propped up on one side by 2 National Geographics, a coffee table book on the Great Pyramids, and a hardback of Wilbur Smith's Birds of Prey.

I was able to get Melanie and the kids out of the house for a few hours yesterday, so I binge cleaned and did all the laundry and dishes. It was nice to get the house picked up and get everything caught up. But between that and organizing the closet and getting the rest of the Christmas stuff put up, I was pretty tired. Then I had to finish up my presenation preparation and also study for the test I have in that class tonight. So it was a busy Sunday.

Saturday, we went to Northern Kentucky and had dinner with Melanie's sister and parents. We also drove up to downtown Cincinnati and saw the annual Christmas train display in the Duke Engery building. I hadn't seen that since I was in early high school, so it was kind of neat to see it again. Byron would have loved it (as he always did back then).

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