Friday, January 29, 2010

A Poem

Just to shake things up a little bit, I'm going to post a poem that I wrote. This is the first poem I've written in quite a long time.

things my dad told me

the christmas bonus is a
silver-cloaked dagger
of the capitalist mentality

i’m gonna break that finger

your grandfather died today

look at that rock strata

you can do anything
you put your mind to

basketball is supposed to be
a finesse game

i’m gonna turn you over my knee

it’s not what you want that does you good,
it’s what you get

houston has the tallest building
in the world,
outside of a downtown area

cum is an abbreviation for the word
which is the milk babies drink
from their mother’s breast

eric davis is lazy

the gummi bears show
is for babies

men and women
do it for pleasure,
and because it feels good


Anonymous said...

Dad used the term "capitalist mentality"? That must have been recently.

And I don't even remember a Gummy Bears show! Why would he have said that?!

Plus you forgot, "Well, if you forgot what you were going to say, it must not have been important anyway" and "Men like darkness better than light to hide their wicked ways" in reference to the patrons of Gillie's Kenny's Tavern.

Scott said...

Yeah, there was a show called The Gummi Bears on Saturday mornings. It was part of my Saturday morning lineup of shows.

Dad said it was for babies, probably, because I was about 14 at the time.

As I said in an email, I conceived this poem last night before falling asleep, but it didn't quite turn out like I had imagined. C'est la vie.

the Rev'd C. Allen Colwell said...

It's not what you want ... it's what you get.

That's good advice from that dad of yrs.