Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hall of Fame Results

The Hall of Fame results were just announced, and only Andre Dawson got in. I couldn't be more happy of course, growing up watching Dawson play.

But I'm immensely disappointed that Barry Larkin only pulled 51% of the vote (you have to have 75%). How can such a good player miss out on so many ballots?

Robbie Alomar also didn't get in, which is a travesty as well.

What the hell is wrong with the sports writers of the BBWAA? They induct Ozzie Smith on the first ballot - a player who was a fantastic fielder but had minor-league talent on every other aspect of major league baseball - yet look past Robbie Alomar and Barry Larkin? Absurd and outrageous.

Either way, congrats to one of my childhood favorite players, the Hawk. It's about damn time.


Anonymous said...

That there Andrew Dawson.....

Scott said...


Papaw would be happy to see Andre in the Hall. But he'd be pissed about Barry Larkin.