Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes from the Cave

The kids finally have a bunch of other kids in the neighborhood to play with.  This is a first for them.  We didn't live in our first house long enough for our older daughter to ever reach the point of playing outside, and in our second house, there were no other kids on our end of the street for her and our younger daughter to play with.

That's all changed now.

Across the street are two boys and a girl.  Next to them are two girls who are the same ages as my two girls.  And next door to us is another girl and boy.  There are a few others a bit farther down the street as well.  It's been sunny and warm this week, and the adults all stand around outside talking while the kids run rampant across the yards of four houses.  We've been getting all the good neighborhood gossip and finding out about the people who lived here before us.  Turns out, the original owners are people M knows from the school where she teaches (which is just around the corner from us).  That's a bit weird for her, as you can imagine.  

Someone - I think it was a commenter right here on my blog - suggested jumping rope to get some exercise, and I've taken their advice.  I've been keeping a log each day ("not that I have a log") of how many jumps I do - 50 has been the minimum I've started with.  It's a heck of a lot harder than you might think - especially if you are 50 pounds overweight like I am.  I can feel fat and tissue in my body jiggling that I didn't even know I had. 

I've had to start taking Prilosec for a stomach problem that has cropped up over the last few weeks.  Basically, I've been having frequent - sometimes constant - upper abdominal pain.  No nausea or vomiting or anything like that, just a stomach ache that comes and goes.  I got an Ultrasound of my gallbladder, to rule out an infection there (the exam was negative).  The Prilosec seems to be helping so far, but we'll have to give it a little more time to make sure the symptoms don't come back (they went away originally for about a week before coming back again, and it was after that second bout that I started the Prilosec).  

My house will be infested with 3rd graders this weekend.  My oldest is having a belated birthday party.  Her birthday is in early January, and that was a really bad time for us (we were still in the apartment, and getting ready to move), so we had to postpone her sleepover with friends until now.  The Cave is going to be Romper Room for a night, and M is bugging me to get the Wii set up downstairs for them.  

Saw a Motley Crue concert on TV the other day (sorry, I ain't searching the keyboard to figure out how to put the little umlauts over the o and u).  It was from 2005, and they are all wasted old ex-addicts, but they still sound really, really good.  Nikki Sixx somehow manages to make bedhead look cool.  I don't know how he does it.

Most former heroin addicts don't look this good.  Believe me, I see them at the hospital all the time.

In the world of college basketball, I was happy to see UK get past West Virginia - whom they lost to in the Elite Eight last year - and move on to this year's Sweet Sixteen.  I'd love to say I think they have a good shot at beating OSU in the Sweet Sixteen, but I don't see it happening.  If UK brings their A-game, then it might happen, but anything less than their best is not going to cut it, and even their best may not cut it, if OSU is also on their own A-game.  

A recent Facebook post that eleventy billion people "liked" said something about a spur-of-the-moment standing ovation that a group of people in an airport gave to a group of soldiers getting off a plane.  First of all, I suspect the whole story was probably made up for the purpose of giving people a warm fuzzy.  Secondly, can you gag me a little bit deeper, please?  Sheesh.  Just because a few hippies spit on a few Vietnam vets and called them baby killers 40 years ago doesn't mean the rest of us should have to spend our lives making up for it.  I'm all behind our troops, hope no harm comes their way.  But I ain't gonna applaud them when they walk by, for cripe's sakes.

Federal taxpayer money spent each year on NPR: About $7 million.  
Federal taxpayer money spent each year on Congressional salaries: About $105 million.  

How about instead of de-funding NPR, we cut Congressional salaries by 7%?  


Elissa Michelle said...

I like these daily life posts, but I really only commented to say TRUE THAT to your last sentences.

adiaphthoria said...

SAVE NPR! Isn't there some sort of talk about even cutting funding for NPR?

Oh, and for a minute I thought I was reading someone else's blog who usually puts pics of dudes up. But then again, that is some nice bedhead.

Glad to hear your getting settled in and meeting folks.

Trent N. said...

Love all your stuff and agree with you most of the time....but we'll have to agree to disagree on applauding the troops in the airport. Our government puts them in some really bullshit circumstances, and (at the risk of sounding like a country music star) I for one appreciate their effort.

In early April of 1996, if you by happenstance would have been in the Lexington, KY airport and saw Ron Mercer, Tony Delk and co. walking through the terminal heading for the Meadowlands...... I have a feeling you would have applauded quite enthusiastically! And they were heading to a basketball game.....not a God-forsaken pile of rocks where driving un-armoured SUV's over hidden bombs is a daily occurrence.

Elissa Michelle said...

Yes, there are two different things at work to curtail public broadcasting. The first is a move to remove all federal contributions to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which would affect all public radio and television. The second comes as fall out from the whole James O'Keefe NPR "sting" that came to light last week which you can read more about here:

Following this drama, a stand alone bill was floated in the senate to provide no federal funding to NPR specifically.

Word is that neither of these measures will clear the House, but I'm not holding my breath. :(

On another note, when Scott posted the picture of Nikki Sixx I thought the same thing in re: my blog!! Ha!

Scott said...

Even I think Nikki Sixx is hot. :)

As for the military thing - as I said in the post, I support our soldiers and appreciate what they do, but I just think random standing ovations is a bit much. Where are the random standing ovations for...I teachers and social workers and 100 million others who perform vital services for America? It's the focus on the military, to the frequent exclusion of others, that bugs me more than anything else, I guess.

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