Monday, October 24, 2011

Notes from the Cave

Had to leave work early today to pick up M at school.  She was having one of the esophageal spasms she gets from time to time, and it was worse this time than it has been before.  These started about 1 week after she had her gall bladder removed a few years ago.  Searing pain across the upper abdomen with shortness of breath, paleness, sweating, etc.  The school nurse basically insisted that she either call an ambulance, or call me.  So I came and got her.  The doctor wants her to try medication first, and if that doesn't work, then they will have to take further action - scoping, dilating the esophagus, etc.

I work early every day this week - 5 o'clock today, 6 tomorrow.  Even though I have to get up before the crack of dawn, I like these shifts because I get home so early in the afternoon.

My books have been selling okay on Amazon, although I suspect 99.9% of the sales have gone to friends and family.  And even with that, I haven't sold quite as many as I had hoped.  Not that I expected to sell thousands or anything, but it kind of seems that those who were willing to buy the books, because they know me, have bought them, and now the books are just sitting there and not moving much at this point.  Oh well, I still plan on publishing more in the future.

We went to the lake this weekend and had a good time, although it seemed to go by very quickly.  The weather was nice, and we went to a pumpkin patch on Saturday, where the kids had a good time.

God, this post is really awful.  I hate these sorts of blog posts.  I just don't have much to say tonight, but felt like I wanted to make a post.

Saw a clip of Jon Stewart from the Daily Show recently that was just totally priceless.   Link.  Well worth the watch.

I have been thinking about a possible new book - a memoir of my childhood growing up in Louisville, Kentucky.  It's main hook would be humor - sort of like the theme of A Christmas Story - a humorous look back at growing up in the 80's.  If it ever gets off the ground, I already know the title - "You Folk Better Stop that Gigglin' and Snigglin' and What-Not!" - which is something one of my teachers used to yell at our 6th grade class.  I guess we'll see if it goes anywhere.

Currently reading book 2 in the Warlord series by Bernard Cornwell, a fictional account of Arthur, set in late 5th century Britain.  Like all his historical fiction, it is sublime.

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