Friday, April 13, 2007

Rush's 2007 Tour

Well, if I can talk my wife into letting me be gone two weekends in a row in September to follow Rush around like a groupie, I may be going to St. Paul the second weekend of September to see Rush's final U.S. show on this tour.

The pre-sale sale occurred on Wednesday through Rush's website, and I was able to get a 14th row, center section seat in St. Paul. I also got 23rd row, center section for Columbus, the weekend before. The Cincinnati pre-sale was a joke, and I couldn't get anything at all. However, I have managed to come up with a different avenue for good seats to that show. There was nothing illegal or unethical about how I got the Cincinnati tickets, but it is not something I can advertise here on my blog, so if you want to know, ask me personally.

So, I will, at the very least, be seeing Rush in Cincinnati on September 1, and Columbus on September 2. And if I can get my wife to agree to it, I'll round it out with the final U.S. show in St. Paul one week later.


deine schwester :) said...

I thought you could barely feed yourself.

Scott said...

As Wilma and Betty used to say....CHAAAARGE it.

deine schwester :) said...

Yeah, well, I am a fricking poster girl for how that is really a dangerous thing. I haven't had a credit card since 1995, and I'd STILL be in tons of debt if I hadn't had help. Really, I am still in tons of debt, it's just not to the credit card people anymore. I will never, ever get another credit card. I don't ever want to go down that road again.

Scott said...

We just paid off our credit card. The Rush concert is the only thing on it.

deine schwester :) said...

Oh, well that's good.

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